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Custom Wooden Fences

Shadowbox, Lattice Top, Good Neighbor, Horse Arena Style, etc

  • 30 minutes
  • Free Assessment
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Thurston County and surrounding areas! We work with our clients to get them the best design possible. We love custom fences and even if you see something online that you have not seen on our site, we can most likely replicate it. Good Neighbor Fences have interchanging panels that show railing on one panel and then full board on the next. Both neighbors get to, at least partially, see the "pretty side" of the fence. Shadowbox Fences are semi-private. They are visually closed when standing directly in front of them but allow for seeing through when standing in front of it at an angle. They fall into the category of "good neighbor" fences because both sides get to look at the "pretty side" of the fence. Lattice Top Fences allow for partial privacy up to 5' in height and are topped off with lattice that allows seeing through. Horse Arena Style Fences usually have between 3 and 6 horizontal slats depending on their height and are great for farms, boundary establishment, or simply be a design option. Any other style of fence that does not match the above or falls under the Standard Fencing options can be replicated if not your found on our website. We will always work with our clients to ensure they get what they want within the realm that allows us to make it happen safely and esthetically.

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Lacey, WA, USA

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